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Book via phone: +385 91 377 6680

Terms And Conditions


  • 'Company' refers to Super Transfer Services doo.
  • 'Client' refers to a person who decides to use Company's services.
  • 'Vehicle' refers to vehicles that provide transfer services.
  • 'Transfer' - refers to the transfer of at least one passenger from the pick-up point to the drop-off point of a journey, which can be one-way journey or return.
  • 'National transfer' refers to land transfers within the territory of the Republic of Austria.
  • 'International transfer' refers to land transfers between EU countries and countries outside of EU.
  • 'Driver' – refers to the English-speaking person driving a vehicle during a transfer.
  • 'Transfer contract' – (hereby referred to as ‘the Contract’) refers to a legal document and voluntary agreement between the Company and the Client. It arises when both parties agree that there is an agreement for future collaboration.
  • 'Transfer confirmation' – refers to a document enabling Client to exercise their right to Company’s services, under the hereby listed 'Terms and Conditions'.
  • 'Transfer services' (hereby also referred as ‘the Services’) – refer to Company’s private transfers, group transfers, customized transfer and return transfer from the pick-up point to the drop-off point.
  • Before making the reservation, a Client must read and understand Terms and Conditions. If a Client has difficulties in understanding Terms and Conditions, we strongly recommend that you contact our Customer Support Service which is available 24/7. The official version of our website and Terms and Conditions document is English. By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access the Service.
  • The following Terms and Conditions establish the terms between the Company and the Client using their services in public transport, and the conditions under which the Company is executing its services towards the Client’ personal belongings.


  • A Transfer contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law as a binding legal agreement. Through this Transfer Contract, the Company commits to provide a reliable and safe transfer from the pick-up point to the drop off point, which may also include Return transfer, and the Client commits to pay the Company for the service provided. The existence of the Contract can be proved with the Transfer Confirmation.


  • The Services includes private individual transfers, group transfers, and customized transfers. The Company’s driver is going to wait for the Client at the arranged pick up point holding a board with the Client’s name. The driver will take the Client to preferred drop off address or to the nearest possible location accessible by car. Transfer prices are per vehicle.
  • PrivateIndividualTransfersReferTo
  • 'Group transfers' – refer to an unlimited number of passengers provided by shuttle bus and minivan transportation from pick up point to drop off point. Transfer prices are per person.
  • CustomizedTransferRefersTo
  • 'Return Transfer' refers to a transfer which enables the Client to use Transfer services on both first and return trip and commits the Company to provide the specified service listed in the Transfer confirmation.
  • The price of Return transfer is calculated by doubling the amount of single transfer and it depends on the route determined. Any additional discount may be applied at the Company’s discretion.


  • Reservation procedure is filled online and a client who wants to make a reservation must be over 18 years old. The person who enters all the data is responsible for their validity. The Company does not bear any responsibilities for inaccurate information entered through the reservation form. The reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the transfer. A person who enters the data for the group transfer accepts the terms and conditions in the name of the whole group and is responsible for the whole group. If the reservation is accepted the Client will receive an official email confirmation.
  • As an exception, the transfer can be booked within 24 hours, but the Client must contact the Company and get an e-mail approval for this type of transfer which will be considered as a Customized transfer. Special rules apply to such transfers and customer will receive these rules by email, along with the confirmation and the receipt.
  • After a transfer is confirmed by the Company, a Client receives a booking voucher with all the booking details. The customer is obliged to show this voucher to the driver before boarding a vehicle, along with a valid document that proves customer’s identity.
  • It is customer`s responsibility to review the Confirmation and immediately report errors or incorrect details to our Company's Customer Service in written form, preferably by email.


  • The Transfer confirmation is an online document which contains the name of the Company, exact date of Transfer reservation, time, defined route and the price of the transfer. This document can be printed on paper or generated digitally. The Transfer confirmation is issued for each Transfer reservation (single or return Transfer) and the documents assure that the Company is going to execute the Service on the specified date and time, through the agreed route specified on the Transfer confirmation.


  • The Client can change reservation details anytime, but all changing requests must be made in written form and sent by an official email containing all the important information about the change being made. The transfer changes required must be confirmed by the Company.


  • The Company’s driver will wait at the arranged pick up point and he will wait for the Client free of charge. In case that the Client cannot find the driver, he/she must contact company's Call center and act upon instructions received. If a Client fails to do so within 60 minutes, the driver is free to leave previously arranged pick-up point and the transfer will be considered a ´no-show’. ‘No-show´ situation refers to a situation where the Client fails to arrive precisely at the arranged pick-up point. The customer is therefore responsible for all the information given during an online booking process. If the Client provided an incorrect pick-up address or no address at all during the online booking process, a ´no-show´ rule applies.


  • All persons who have special needs and are disabled in any sense, requiring additional care or special transfer service treatment, are obliged to specify that in their reservation form to receive a vehicle adaptable to their needs. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult, and children aged between 12 to 18 need to have written and certified parental permission. Children's seat is compulsory for children up to the age of 5.


  • Company's vehicles may transport standard-size, hand and unaccompanied luggage. Standard-size passenger luggage generally consists of suitcases, backpacks, large duffel bags etc., with the maximum weight of 25kg per item. Hand luggage generally consists of small items that can be placed either in the boot of the vehicle, under the passengers' seats, in such a way that it does not disturb the other passengers. Unaccompanied luggage refers to Client’s personal belongings sent separately as personal-effects cargo, and not as luggage accompanied by the Client. Standard size and hand luggage are included in the transfer price. Unaccompanied luggage must be specified and requested by the Client and approved by the Company. Transfer of unaccompanied luggage is charged in accordance with Client’s transfer specification. All the luggage must be properly marked with the name and surname of the Client and every customer is obliged to give accurate information about the additional luggage.


  • The Company ensures vehicles which are properly maintained and ensured in accordance with the laws of the country where the transfer service is provided. Passenger insurance is included in the transfer price. A passenger whose behavior endangers the driver or other passengers or other traffic participants will be warned and removed from the vehicle and reported to the local police. Passenger under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other forbidden substances will not be allowed to enter a vehicle. Smoking, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle are strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this policy are water and soft drinks in bottles. Everything else must be approved by the Company's driver.
  • The transfer service will also be denied to passengers who carry weapons, unless they are authorized officials, in which case the weapon must be locked, passengers displaying obvious symptoms of infectious diseases or serious mental disturbances, as well as passengers suffering from open and untreated wounds (the allowed exception are people being urgently transferred to the nearest hospital.)




  • The Company will perform all the services responsibly in accordance with the laws of the country where services are provided. Verbal agreements between the Client and the Company must subsequently be confirmed in written form (e-mail, fax), otherwise, are considered invalid. The Company is not responsible for delays in the arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic crowds, bad weather conditions caused by a major force and are not required to indemnify passengers.
  • The company is responsible for determining the transfer prices which are published accordingly on the official website.
  • The Company commits to treat all the information provided to them by the Client confidential and secret, and never share that information without Client's explicit permission, except in cases where required by law or other authorized governing body.
  • All disputes during the trip are resolved by the driver of the vehicle, while all potential disputes between the Client and the driver are resolved by the Company's appointed employee.



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